All designs, photography, graphics and website are all created by Paige Madison O'Grady. Because Paige believes the best designs are developed when inspiration is drawn from a wide range of sources, inspiration images are a combination of photos she has taken as well as print and online sources.  Please contact Paige for more information.

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Perceptions Concept Board
Whimsical, Vibrant & Sophisticated.

Paige is inspired by everyday nuances and beauty in daily life. She emphasizes those small moments with vibrant and whimsical fashion designs that are also sophisticated, adding joy to women’s daily lives.


Ring Design
Ring Design
Jewelry Design.
Paige had the opportunity while working at a fine jewelry store to work with a customer to design the customers dream engagement ring.  Paige communicated with the customer and worked from images the customer gathered of her likes and dislikes to draw multiple sketches until the customer found the perfect one.  The final design was then manufactured at a custom jewelry design house.

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