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How It Started.

Be creative in all things. 

I have a high level of artistic ability and an excitement to create. From an early age I have sought to find solutions for making new products with a hands on approach to learning new processes. Whether it be sewing, drawing, digital design, polymer clay, or fiber arts, my answer is always, "how can I figure out how to make this?" Then I embrace the challenge and start creating. 



At the age of 14 I started selling accessories I designed in local boutiques.


My work was selected to be shown in multiple gallery shows while at MSU. 


My website and all the graphics are created by myself. 


My favorite drawing mediums are graphite, marker, and watercolor. 


I designed, constructed, and photographed all of my apparel and accessory designs. 


Throughout college I had an alterations business. 


I graduated in 2019 with my bachelor's degree in Apparel and Textile Design. My professional career started with gaining experience in technical design for girl's and women's clothing. I continued my career by gaining experience in product development and merchandising. When I am not working, I am always sketching apparel designs, sewing, and creating print designs that I have digitally printed on fabrics. 


Hello! I'm Paige.

I learned to sew at a young age when my grandma taught me to use a sewing machine and read a pattern. Later on, she passed down her sewing machine to me. My first sewing project I made without a pattern was after watching a tutorial to install a zipper in a cosmetic bag. Ever since, I have been creating original designs.

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