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I am inspired by everyday nuances and beauty in daily life. I choose to emphasize those small moments with vibrant and whimsical fashion designs that are also sophisticated, adding joy to women’s daily lives.



This piece was knitted entirely on a knitting machine using strategies of increasing and decreasing stitches, as well as partial knitting playing an important role to create textured elements.  A monochromatic color scheme was chosen because the unique color stands for itself and the unity of color allows the eye to focus on the knit texture. 

Machine Knit
Color Can Raise The Ded

Color can Raise the dead.

Color has immense power to brighten someones day.  This design focused on using bright colors to portray a playful and fun attitude that was created through the tint of green that was chosen and incorporating the textural elements of the pom poms that line the inside of the dress. 


Individual personalities consist of contrasting parts, the combination of those characteristics is what makes people unique.  I have created designs that are soft, but also creates other designs that are vibrant. The different design styles contrast with each other, but they harmoniously define an individual.  



Both the hydrangea and the Gateway Arch are at the whim of their surroundings to determine the colors they project.  I used neutral colors to show that the arch and flower do not have their own identity, but it is dependent on surroundings.


This design is inspired by floral arrangements by Lewis Miller design, in particular, the Flower Flash.  Flowers are a symbol of my motives behind my designs.  Flowers are whimsical and vibrant and are something simple that has the power to evoke happiness.  I design to emphasize the small moments in daily life and find joy in the little things.  

Joshua Tree Collaboration


This was a collaborative project along side Emma Seiler and Cassie Giles.  My contribution to this project was in the form of sewing the top and coloring the illustrations in Photoshop. 


I loved creating this piece and the journey it took from beginning to end. I used the story of Cinderella to create a design that encapsulated my design aesthetic, dreams, and what I think are important character traits in people as well as traits I want my business to be built on one day.

Dedicated to Dreams
Traits As Old As Time


So many parts of a person become visible when they are designing.  When I was younger, Belle was always my favorite princess, when others commented on this design they said it reminded them of Belle.  Designing brings to light the natural personality traits that an individual has.


The different layers in the dress represent the individual experiences that students have had at MSU that have made them grow.  I participated in a study away opportunity in New York City which helped shape me as a designer.  I incorporated my  preferred design style and colors to illustrate how MSU helped shape me as a designer.

New Horizons
Reflections of You


I had the opportunity of participating in a New York City Fashion Design study away program through Michigan State University.  As I walked around in the Spring time and took pictures of bouquets being sold at little corner shops and of window displays that included flowers among the design being show cased, I realized that the things you gravitate towards in a city are a reflection of you.  No matter where you go you can find a piece of yourself.


This design was created in the snowy months of January and February and I chose to use flowers and cacti as inspiration to lighten the mood and keep my eye on Spring.  I design to make others, as well as myself, happy by highlighting simple, yet beautiful elements.  I created harmonious contrast between structural elements from floral and cactus elements.

Natural Conrast


The director of Tron Legacy had a background in engineering and architecture, both of which he used to create the world of Tron.  No matter how advanced technology becomes, the design knowledge that comes from human experience can never be replaced.


MSU Brand Fashion Design Competition
Subtle Tech


For Two main reasons, merging technology and fashion is often considered experimental.   For technology in fashion to be a normal practice, we need to be able to design technological fashion that is outside the futuristic and electronic appearance that we expect it to have.  A ballet slipper that turns the dancer’s movements into art has surpassed the aesthetic limitations that we put on the use of technology in fashion, as well as a dress made by Marchesa and IBM. To make technological fashion a normal practice, it needs to be able to withstand weather.  Furthermore, the question still stands, what if you get caught in the rain or the computer mechanism gets bent?


Colors of noise are primarily named in reference to the color of light that has a similar spectra.  As shown in this design color is in every part of our lives.  From favorite colors to color psychology, color is everywhere and it does not stop with what the eye perceives.  This piece was selected by a juried panel to be displayed in the MSU Apparel and Textile Design 2017 Exhibition.

Colors of Sound
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