Life is vibrant when you view the glass as half full.  In this collection I wanted to portray the sense of a classy party through playful and vibrant ready-to-wear designs that were also sleek and classic.  As well as ready-to-wear designs she developed an avant garde design from the inspiration.


These watercolor illustrations are a part of a piece that was created for a fashion show in spring 2019.  I was asked to create a design for a fashion show inspired by biome types.  This artic collection explored the human reactions to chilling temperatures. 



Flower grow back after the harshest winters and they grow back stronger than ever.  Inspiration for these illustration was taken from the delicate strength of florals.


During Spring semester of my junior year of college she had the opportunity to participate in a study away course in New York City.  These illustrations are my reflection on the things I fell in love with while in the city.


The 1960's was full of inventions that shaped the technologies we know today.  From one of the first CAD software's, to the first version of a CD, to the Polaroid, the things we enjoy today have their roots in the 60's.

This collection starts on the left with how a friend perceived my personality and the garments progress to the right across the page to become more of what I think my personality is.  I created designs that fit into the mood board a friend made to describe me and transformed the designs as I moved across the page to put more of myself into each one based on designing garments that fit into the environment created by the mood boards.



The striking yet simple contrast of black pen on white paper, experimentation with markers and colored pencil, and the whimsical appearance of watercolor are different techniques I have used to render my unique illustration style.


Untitled design.jpg

I created a resort wear collection to show that in ready-to-wear it is the little details that make something new. I incorporated the print I designed by hand and by Photoshop methods into the illustrations.

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