Print Design.

Print design is the perfect combination of making art by hand and using valuable computer skills.  The challenges that are presented by print design fulfill Paige's love for art as well as problem solving and computer skills that she enjoy's gaining through her work.


Chalkboard Flora.


floral skies.

Design is in our surroundings, from the ground to the sky and everywhere in between.  This design is created from combining a my photograph of flowers and an aerial view photograph that I took during my first plane ride. 


Hand drawn floral motif & Photoshop.  The floral motif was originally drawn with graphite and was photographed and then manipulated in Photoshop to become a repeated textile design

Contemporary Arrangement in Exhibition


This textile design was chosen by a panel of curators to be displayed in the 2018 Apparel and Textile Design Exhibition at Michigan State University.


Hand painting & Photoshop.  The designer referenced articles of clothing from her own wardrobe to create a dynamic and vibrant floral motif.


This vibrant full-drop print design was a combination of hand painting and Adobe Photoshop repeat and editing techniques.


This half-drop print design was hand painted and then repeated in Adobe Photoshop.

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